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What We've Done

This page contains information on all the work which the Friends of Cammo have done to help our beautiful park.

What We’ve Done


Friends of Cammo

  • Formed in 1999.

  • Registered as a Scottish charity in 2002.

  • Committee members become charity trustees in 2011.

  • Drew up Vision for Cammo Estate in 2016.

  • Registered for Gift Aid in 2017.

  • Agreed priorities for Cammo Regeneration starting in 2018.

  • We undertook initiatives to attract more members, including Christmas banners at the main entrances in 2020 and 2021 and gate days in 2021.

  • We reached a total of over 200 members for the first time (214 households in December 2021).

Planted over 2700 trees and hedgerow shrubs:

  • In 2001 planted 50 trees in High and Low Meadows, transplanted in Low Meadow in 2003.

  • In 2004 planted 200 thorns as hedgerow along south perimeter of South West Meadow.

  • In 2005 planted 630 trees and shrubs along division between North and Home Fields and at east end of North Field, supported by £259 grant from SNH.

  • In 2005 planted 260 trees and shrubs along the western edge of North Field.

  • In 2007 planted Ash and Oak: 27 in Home Field, 35 in North Field, 24 in South Field.

  • In 2008 planted 10 holly and blackthorn at North Gate.

  • In 2010 planted 112 trees and thorns along west side of North Drive and 30 mixed thorns between hawthorn bushes in South Field.

  • In 2012 planted 12 Scots Pines: 6 at top of High Meadow and 6 along south edge North Field.

  • In 2013 planted 88 thorns and 3 trees along bottom of High Meadow, 53 thorns and 4 trees along path between wildflower areas, 61 thorns around eastern perimeter of Beech Roundel, 30 thorns between wildflower cut-out areas in Home Field, all supported by grant of £1826 from Central Scotland Green Network that also paid for tools, Pinetum conifers and wildflower seed.

  • Also in 2013 planted 22 oak saplings at various locations, 12 honeysuckle around perimeter of bee enclosure (honeysuckle later transplanted when bees moved) and 6 Birch, 3 Holly and 3 Guelder Rose at north end of wildflower area 3.

  • In 2014 planted 200 trees and hedgerow plants to extend hedgerow at north side of North Field, supported by grant of £630 from Edinburgh Airport.

  • In 2015 planted 112 hedgerow trees and plants to form new hedgerow across South Field, 62 new hedgerow trees and plants along east edge of South Field, and 8 Oak to supplement Ash in North and Home Fields.

  • In 2015 cleared rhododendrons at top of East Avenue and replaced with 22 Yew trees.

  • In 2015 mulched 180 young trees in South Field with wood chippings and mulched all young trees in Home Field and North Field with grass cuttings. In 2016 used cut grass to mulch trees in hedgerow across South Field.

  • In 2017 planted 200 trees and shrubs in dip at West Field, funded by Postcode Lottery. In 2018 replaced 130 of the tree shelters with taller mesh to reduce deer damage.

  • In 2018 planted 115 trees to screen new house and divert path from old oak.

  • In 2019 planted around 40 trees and shrubs in various locations.

  • In 2020 planted 155 trees and shrubs to form a new hedgerow on north side of South Field.

  • In February 2020, planted 108 native trees and shrubs around the new North car park and 22 holly trees on the southern boundary fence between the South car park and the Stables.

  • We drew up proposals for new hedgerows in the three fields, amounting to 3,000 trees to be planted by contractors in early 2022. 

  • We purchased 100 holly, 40 yew and 20 oak for planting as a Jubilee Hedgerow in Home Field in early 2022.

Tree Planting

FoC tree planting 9.JPG
FoC tree planting 5.JPG
FoC tree planting 3.JPG
FoC tree planting 7.JPG
FoC tree planting 8.JPG
FoC tree planting 6.JPG
FoC tree planting 4.JPG
FoC tree planting 2.JPG
FoC tree planting 1.jpg

Other planting:

  • Over period 2006-2018 planted 8 conifers in Pinetum, to join 7 endangered conifers planted by Botanics in 2007, all protected by post and chicken-wire enclosures.

  • Planted 20 Apple, 6 Plum and 4 Pear trees, all native varieties, in Walled Garden in 2015.

  • Planted 5 other memorial and special trees elsewhere in Cammo from 2015 onwards.

  • In 2017 comfrey planted in silt in Low Meadow and gorse planted, funded by Postcode Lottery.

  • We planted two dawn redwood beside the Canal, replacing one and adding one to the 13 planted by the Council in 2019.


  • Planted daffodil bulbs in grass verges of East Avenue: 1500 in 2008 and 2300 in 2009.

  • Removed turf, prepared first 3 wildflower areas and seed sown in 2011.

  • Hired digger to remove turf from 3 new wildflower areas in Home Field in 2012, established in 2013 supported by £630 grant from Almond Neighbourhood Partnership.

  • In 2014, extended wildflower areas 1 and 2, and raked and seeded area 4.

  • Continuing maintenance of all wildflower areas.

  • Yellow rattle seed, funded by £510 from Baillie Gifford grant, spread in fields in 2017.

  • In 2018 prepared ground for new wildflower areas in South, Home and North Fields.

  • In 2019, there was large-scale planting of various wildflower plugs and sowing of yellow rattle. 

  • In 2020, wildflowers were planted in the main fields in areas that had been prepared by cutting and baling then scarifying. Many of the bales were broken up and spread around field trees. The fields were cut and baled again in 2021, with some bales again broken up.

  • Each winter we cut and remove arisings on all of the wildflower areas, and use them to mulch the young field trees.


  • A 6x4 metre wood and wire mesh enclosure built in Walled Garden for two bee hives in 2013.

  • One bee hive installed but removed due to unforeseen danger to public in 2014.

  • Erected two new five strand wire fences around new bee enclosure at Beech Roundel in 2015, supported by £3804 grant from Edinburgh Airport. Old enclosure dismantled.

  • A bee-hive was installed in 2016, a new bee colony installed in 2017, volunteers to maintain. Colony died in spring 2018.

  • In 2019, a new bee enclosure was created in the walled garden, a bee group was formed and a hive with a colony of native bees successfully installed. A second hive was brought in but the colony was lost.

  • In 2020, the bees thrived in the Walled garden with three hives now in place, and the first honey was available in the autumn.

  • In 2021, one hive was added and more honey was produced.


Bird boxes:

  • In 2003 put up 6 owl boxes, 15 tit boxes and 11 bat boxes.

  • In 2004 put up 1 owl and 2 Great Tit boxes.

  • In 2018, 3 jackdaw boxes and 6 starling boxes, funded by £490 from Baillie Gifford grant.

  • In 2019 additional bird boxes were put up.


  • Litter picks twice a year, in spring and autumn since 2007. During Covid restrictions these have been replaced by individual litter picking by committee members and other volunteers several times a week.

  • In 2006 removed gean regrowth at top of East Avenue where it was shading stands of Horse Mint.

  • In 2007 removed dilapidated, redundant and dangerous barbed-wire fence at bottom of Home Field.

  • In 2008 purchased 10 tons of Type 1 Aggregate for in-filling of muddy pathways.

  • In 2011, to improve access paths into South Field from Car Park, dug out muddy areas and spread 10 tons of Type 1 Aggregate.

  • In 2012 hedge laying at SW Meadow commissioned and demonstrated, supported by grant of £768 from Almond Neighbourhood Partnership.

  • Ivy control carried out on 25 broadleaf trees throughout estate in 2012.

  • Clean-up of Bughtlin Burn in 2012.

  • In 2019 deadwood from tree surgeons was delivered and spread in woodland areas to aid biodiversity, and woodchip was delivered and used to mulch field trees and treat potentially muddy areas.

  • In 2019 influenced Council priorities for Cammo regeneration work, largely funded by ring-fenced Cammo Home Farm capital. First phase in 2019 included improvements to paths, new north car park and boundary repairs. Seeded wildflowers beside some of the new paths.

  • In 2020 deadwood and woodchips continued to be spread in woodland areas to aid biodiversity.

  • In 2021 over 500 Christmas trees were brought to Cammo to be recycled to improve habitats, and deadwood continued to be distributed. Woodchips were spread to cover muddy areas at field entrances, most unsurfaced woodland paths and woodland clearings used by the forest kindergarten. An earth ramp was built to improve the main path between home and north fields. Hundreds of holes dug by dogs in grass paths were filled in. Volunteers spread aggregate and whin dust to improve paths at the NE pedestrian gate and alongside Bughtlin Burn.

  • A major obstruction to Bughtlin Burn near the main entrance to Cammo was cleared.

  • We pressed for the main entrance to be resurfaced and contributed substantial funding to the work.

  • We directed volunteer activities – the Green Team and Dirty Weekenders.

Canal and Wet Meadow:

  • Removed fallen branches and floating debris from Canal and banks in 2011.

  • In 2016 grant of £9006 awarded by Postcode Lottery Trust for Canal clearing and other projects.

  • Canal was drained in 2016, and in 2017 silt was removed by digger and edges restored, funded by Postcode Lottery. Canal refilled, plants and wildlife returned.

  • Archaeological watching brief and survey during work at Canal, funded by FoC.

  • Wood debris removed from Canal in 2018.

  • Plans for a wet meadow in South Field, with boardwalk and stream fed from canal outflow, received planning permission and funding.

Canal Clearance

Canal clearance.JPG

Rescued historical remains:

  • Stone bench rescued from terrace in 2003, restored outside Lodge in 2007.

  • Pinetum stone wall and stairway exposed and conserved 2003 to 2005, supported by £4662 grant from LDC.

  • In 2004 sundial returned with £2205 Community Grant, and stone vase conserved.

Lodge visitor centre:

  • Volunteers staff the Lodge on Sunday afternoons since 2002 (Saturdays 2000-2002). Included opening over Christmas break starting 2017.

  • Fence round new children’s area near Visitor Centre supported by grant in 2008.

  • Lodge cleaned up, electric problems fixed, key safe fitted, lodge painted and decorated in 2016.

Visitor information and facilities:

  • Carried out visitor surveys and car counts in 2000-01.

  • Contributed to design of Information Boards at estate entrances in 2008.

  • Erected 4 additional perch seats in 2009 (2 at High/Low Meadow and 2 at SW Meadow).

  • Commissioned interpretation panels for wildflower and Pinetum, supported by £3000 grant from Almond Neighbourhood Partnership in 2011, installed 2012.

  • Carried out visitor survey in 2017 to inform Cammo Regeneration plan (potential Heritage Lottery Fund bid).

  • In 2019 collaborated with Council on plans for fingerposts, waymarkers, information panels and other interpretation. Raised funds for the information panels through crowd-funding and other donations.

  • In 2020 we worked with the Council to complete and install an information panel about hedgerow flowers and seven fingerpost direction signs were installed. 

  • In 2021 an information panel about Cammo House was installed. We assisted the Council to install waymark posts and arrows for the three waymarked walks. We installed and updated information sheets in display cases at the Steading and Cottages ruins behind the Stables.


  • BBQs in 2013 to 2017 averaging over 300 participants (2018 cancelled because of heavy rain forecast).

  • Open day in 2001.

  • Talks by Lothian Bat Group and Lothian Badger Group, and bat walk in 2003.

  • Six recognition walks in 2005-06: three for birds, one flora, one fungus and one for trees.

  • History of Cammo talks 2006 and 2007.

  • In 2007 Natural History of Cammo walk, Birds of Cammo walk and Aquatic Life in Cammo Canal talk and walk.

  • In 2008 Family Bird Hunt and Family Tree Hunt, hosted the Scottish launch of the RSPB Birds of Prey Campaign and Pictorial History of Cammo illustrated talk.

  • Historical Treks in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and walk/talk Management of Cammo Woodlands in 2010.

  • In 2013 slide show of Wildflower Project and Cammo’s wildlife at Cramond Kirk Halls, illustrated talk on Bee-keeping and illustrated talk to Friends of Parks annual meeting in City Chambers.

  • In 2017 four guided walks for Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society event, and guided walk for Love Parks Week.

  • Twice-yearly illustrated talks at FoC meetings, starting late 2017.

  • Botanical Society of Scotland Bioblitz at Cammo in 2018.

  • Funday replacement for BBQ in 2019 also cancelled because of rain forecast.

  • The disco planned for November 2020 was cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions. We decorated a tree for the Cramond Kirk Christmas Tree festival in December and displayed Christmas banners at the park entrances. 

Cammo Publications:

  • Three editions of "A Short History of Cammo Estate" in 2000, 2009 and 2017.

  • Two editions of Self-Guided Walks in 2001 and 2009, followed by three walk leaflets in 2018 and 2019.

  • Three editions of Cammo’s Pinetum and Exotic Conifers in 2013, 2015 and 2019.

  • Souvenir notelets in 2000.

  • Twice-yearly newsletter since 2005, using laptop and printer secured by grant of £1270 from Awards for All.

  • Facebook page set up in 2011 for photos, videos and information, now with around 900 likes.

  • Website created by Royal High School pupils, launched in 2019.

  • The maintenance of the website was taken over by a Committee member in 2020 and new features were added including wildlife sightings. 

  • In 2021 the self guided walk leaflets were made available as free PDF downloads from the website.

  • Our Facebook page is regularly updated with pictures, reports and events, receiving over 1900 page likes by December 2021.

Fun in the Snow

Foc Snow 2.JPG
FoC Snow 3.JPG
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