Current Projects

Current Projects
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Current projects we are involved in (in conjunction with the Natural Heritage Service of the Council) include :


Getting honey bees back into Cammo. We built an enclosure in the walled garden and installed a hive in spring 2019. We hope to have a second hive in 2020. Anyone wanting to join the Cammo Bee Group please get in touch.

A big wildflower project in all three of the big fields. This consists of cutting the grass back hard in big rectangles in the middle of the fields, sowing the areas with yellow rattle to weaken the grass and then planting with meadow cranesbill, hedge woundwort, cowslips, knapweed, bird’s foot trefoil, field scabious and ox eye daisy in the spring and autumn. This was all done by the end of 2019.

Developing signs and way markers to significantly increase the amount and quality of information for visitors. Interpretation for a hedgerow and at Cammo House ruin, along with fingerposts and waymarking, to be completed in early 2020. Other improvements to follow later. 

To read the Orientation and Interpretation Strategy please click the button below. 

Hedgerow planting in South Field in January 2020. 


A wetland project has been proposed.


The council appointed a contractor to improve some of the paths and mend or replace some of the boundary walls and fences that were broken down. This should be completed by early 2020.


The Council designed a small car park inside the north gate, now open, and will later consider options for expanding the south car park.

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