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You can find aquatic wildlife in Cammo at two locations -
the wetland and the canal next to Cammo House.


The wetland

You can find Cammo’s wetland and stream in the South Field. It was built by the Friends in March 2022. As well as being a lovely place to relax and look out over the water, the area has quickly become a hotspot for wildlife.

You may have spotted the local heron, moorhen, or mallards who frequent the pool, or the swallows who drink and bathe here. If you look closely, you can also see newts and sticklebacks (tiny fish), and a huge number of spawning toads and frogs in the spring. Native plants here include bulrush, flag iris and galingale among many others. If you spot any other interesting animals, take a picture and let us know!


You can find out more about how we built the wetland, and continue to maintain it, here.

The canal

Cammo’s canal pond was built in the late 1720s or early 1730s by the owners at the time. It was intended as an ornamental feature, and was also used as a curling pond.

Across the top of the pond you can see lots of an unusual floating plant – water soldier, as well as hornwort, flag iris and bulrush. Here, you can also find breeding frogs and toads, sticklebacks, mallards and moorhen. Kingfishers and herons hunt along the banks.

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