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Fields and Wildflower

In the past, Cammo’s fields were fairly poor habitats for wildlife as they mostly contained vigorous grasses and had very few flowers. Since 2012, the Friends of Cammo have seeded and planted areas of wildflower meadow and worked with the council on a cutting regime for the fields. 

Altogether, the fields now contain over 72 different species of flower and are teeming with birds and insects.

In the wildflower meadows, you can find vibrant purple scabious, white meadowsweet, bright yellow tansy and St John’s Wort, among many other different types of flower. These provide food for bumblebees and the Cammo honeybees.

8b (2).JPG

Throughout the fields, you can find orchids, ragwort, clovers and buttercups. Swallows and house martins feed on the large numbers of insects using the open fields and barn owls hunt over them in the evening.

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