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The Cammo wetland and boardwalk was created in 2022 as a haven for wildlife, and a place for park users to relax and enjoy.

It was built in South Field in what was previously a relatively barren area which flooded every year.

The Friends of Cammo oversaw the project, designed the site, and did the planting in the pools. The work was paid for by Edinburgh City Council and a grant from NatureScot.

How it was built

The wetland’s water supply comes from the canal pond up by the ruined house. The water from there used to run to the top of South Field in an underground pipe. This pipe was broken into to access the water, and from there a stream was dug out to run down the hill and into the wetland.


Boardwalk and plants

The boardwalk is made of Scottish larch driven into peat on the floor of the wetland. Lots of native plants were put in and have thrived – flag iris, water mint, bog bean, flowering rush and many more.


The wetland has quickly become a hotspot for wildlife. You may have spotted the local heron, moorhen, or mallards who use the pool, or the swallows who drink and bathe here. If you look closely, you can also see newts and sticklebacks (tiny fish), and a huge number of spawning toads and frogs in the spring.

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