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The minutes of the meeting held at Cammo Lodge on the 13th December are here 

After Christmas, Friends of Cammo will again welcome Christmas trees for recycling, to put around field trees and create habitat piles. If you would like to do this, then bring the whole tree - no need to cut it up unless you have to for transport. If bringing it by car, please leave it inside the pedestrian north gate (beyond the bin) on the right of the entrance to north car park, or behind the map/notice board next south car park. If bringing it on foot, you can leave it on the grass at the right of the main entrance before the Lodge, but please don't unload from a car at this location, as stopping/turning cars make this junction more hazardous.

The Friends will then move the trees to desired locations in the woods and around field trees. They are great as homes for wrens and robins and will break down and feed the trees over time as well. We again just want single trees from households, no bulk deliveries of unsold stock from charities, as we don't have the capacity to deal with such large quantities. Thanks.

For details of our Guided Walks go to our Publications page here.

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